Guys and Dolls: Francois Theimer (The Dolly King)

Francois Theimer was born in Strasbourg France on April 14, 1949. At an early age he was interested in antique dolls. He decided to follow his passion. As a young man he went to Paris in 1970. In 1975 he opened a Parisian toy and doll shop named “POLICHINELLE in Montmartre district of Paris. Two years later in 1977 he followed up with the “doll restoration business” business. He specialized in Antique French Dolls and Toys. He married his wife Danielle in December 1986. He was the organizer of the 3 World Congresses of Antique doll collectors (1980 and 1982 in Paris, 1984 in Monaco and 1994 in Paris La Villette.

He was a publisher from 1980 to 1986 of the first French Doll magazine “Polichinelle”. He took a break from the magazine for a few years, and then began again in 1993 under the new title of “Encyclopedia POLICHINELLE” which was issued yearly until 1999 (Volume 1 to 7)

He was the organizer of Special Doll exhibitions in France, including the “Doll Festival in Montmartre” (1987) as “The Poupées Royales exhibit” in 2006, the “HURET exhibit in 2008 at the Ambassador Hôtel in Paris.

He is an expert and appraiser for the French Court of Appeal in Paris in the category of “Antique Dolls, Toys and Automatons”. He has been the organizer of specialized auctions since 1982 in Paris. He created the Doll Fair POLICHINELLE in Paris. He is a international Lecturer (speak three languages) USA, Australia, Japan and Europe.

He has also been a teacher in ArtSchool since 1988 and Author (mostly in collaboration with his wife Danielle) of several specialized books on antique Dolls and toys (including the “Encyclopedia of French Dolls”. Mr. Theimer has certainly shown dedication to dolls for most of his life.

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