Demon Slayer Gets the “Barbie” Treatment in Japan with New Dolls

Demon Slayer merchandise continues to pour out as both the manga and the movie adaptation break records. In America sometimes celebrities will get Barbie dolls based after them, and we just had the Japanese version of that happen for Tanjiro Kamado and his sister Nezuko.

Over in Japan, Licca-chan is a doll franchise like Barbie, and it was created by mangaka Miyako Maki, the wife of Leiji Matsumoto. Takara Tomy, the company that makes Licca-chan, teamed up with Demon Slayer for these official dolls.

While they’re dolls, they look to be more the collectable type than the play-with type. The Japanese site grape explains, “[The dolls’] haori coats, kimono, obi sash, and military costume with separate pants and shirt are of high quality and easy to put on and take off. . . They also paid attention to differences in texture, such as using a warm material for the haori and silky material that feels good to the touch for the kimono.”

Source: grape

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