You can choose every detail imaginable 

By: Sarah Young

An artist has set out to create a collection of inclusive Barbie dolls using custom made wigs and hyper-realistic make-up.

Ever since the first-ever Barbie was created in 1959, the doll has stuck to a formulaic look that consists of cascades of bleach blonde hair, high-heel ready feet and unrealistic body proportions.

But if this systematic style makes you wince, then you’ll love what this Brazilian artist is doing.

Rafinha Silva is the man behind the Instagram page We Love The Royal Dolls, where he creates lifelike Barbie dolls made to meet client’s preferences.

With more than 259,000 followers, Silva selects pieces from different editions to make an exclusive doll according to a list of characteristics his client asks for.

He then removes the existing paint and hair before crafting teeny-tiny wigs, applying new make-up by hand and giving them a custom outfit.

“I have always had a lot of affinity with art, and drawing women with long hair is one of my earliest childhood memories,” he told Cosmopolitan.

Despite an attempt to become more diverse with its new Barbie Fashionista range – which includes seven body types, 11 skin tones and 28 hairstyles – clients flock to Silva in a bid to transform the classic toy into something that represents themselves.

From classic waves to braids and even unicorn ombre locks, the artist takes matters into his own hands when it comes to diversifying Barbie’s barnet and says that curls are his most requested specification from customers.

He even goes as far as to make lifelike dolls that resemble celebrities like RuPaul, Cher and Amy Winehouse, as well as impressive semblances of Disney Princess Dolls such as Merida, Jasmine and Ariel.

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