Doll Club inspires young girls

One family sits and discusses the new information they just learned as they drink tea together at the American Girl Doll Club on Sunday at the historic Wyeth-Tootle Mansion.

The American Girl Doll Club held their first meeting of the year on Sunday at the historic Wyeth-Tootle Mansion.

At the meetings, the children discuss one or two American Girl dolls. They talk about the featured doll’s book and story and learn about different parts of history that coincide with the doll’s story, all while making crafts that go along with the lessons.

This month they learned about Felicity Merriman, a young girl who lived in America during the time of the Revolutionary War.

St. Joseph Museum Programming and Events Coordinator Sara Parks said that the club is a good way to give the kids an idea of what life was like in that time.

“With doll club, I usually try to talk a little bit about the doll itself,” Parks said. “They usually come with a book, so I draw from that and their story, but also talk about what life was like in America at that time frame.”

Parks also said that it was a perfect way to combine their interest in the dolls with learning about something new.

“I really like it,” Parks said. “I wasn’t a huge doll person as a kid, but it’s really nice to use that medium for girls that are already playing with them and try to teach them either life skills, crafts … just what other things were like before.”

The girls learn about what the specific time period was like as a young girl, and also learn how to conduct tea parties, how to dress at the time and much more.

Ten-year-old Zoe Cox said that the event is fun because she learns a lot.

“We learned about the clothes and how they wore a lot,” Cox said. “I like the crafts and the learning. It’s fun.”

Six-year-old Alissa Maxwell said she got into American Girl Dolls because of her grandma.

“I love dolls because my grandma has tons of dolls,” Maxwell said. “It was fun because I got to have my mask off and make friends.

Precautions were taken to avoid potential of spreading the COVID-19 virus as the pandemic still rages through the country. Families sat at separate tables, children wore masks when entering the building and getting up from the tables and hand sanitizer was provided on every table.

The American Girl Doll Club encourages the public to sign up and bring their kids out.

More information regarding the American Girl Doll Club and how to attend the events can be found online at

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