Zoe the doll teaches young girls self love and healthy hair care

Healthy Roots Dolls: Zoe DollMeet Zoe! Zoe is the first Healthy Roots Doll and she is far from average. The Zoe doll’s hair is specially designed with curl power that allows it to be washed and styled in any way you can think of. Kids can use real products and try out countless styles from puffs to box braids! Zoe learned to love her hair after she did the big chop with her mom. Together they learned step by step, how to love every single one of her curls. Now she’s here to help other girls learn to love their curls! Sized at 18” in height, Zoe is the perfect companion with hair that is bigger than life.




Customer Evaluation Comments:

“My daughter’s first impression was amazing!! She was immediately enthusiastic about Zoe’s hair and features. The doll is beautiful upon opening and immediately radiates pride in representation. Love this.”

“This is very innovative. Representation MATTERS! The way my daughter lit up when seeing that the doll had both features and hair like her own convinced me this doll is a must have. It also teaches my daughter how to do her own curly hair as well as her sisters. I can show her why and how to put shampoo and conditioner on and the importance of hydration for her curly locks.”

“I liked the texture and option to actually shampoo/condition and style the dolls hair. It is a teaching tool as well as a companion for my daughter.”

“It truly could be for any kid. It brings more diversity to what is considered natural. Curly hair like Zoe’s is just as natural as straight hair.”

“Truly felt so awesome to receive this doll! My daughter only has positive things to say about her. It is truly a great representation. I can’t wait for the others with different types of curls to come out.”

“Such a fantastic doll!!”

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