Mom Collects Life-like ‘Baby Dolls’ to Fill Void after Kids Move in with Father

42-year-old Liz Watson from Virginia in the US was heartbroken when her children left her to be with their father with whom she separated in 2010. To cope with the loss, the divorced mother in 2016 spent thousands of dollars to acquire life-like dolls which, Liz said, help fill the void created with the departure of her two kids.

According to Daily Mail, the stay-at-home mother found this hobby online via Youtube where she discovered the world of ‘reborn dolls’, and since 2016 has dedicated an entire room for her collection of the realistic baby dolls.

Liz went through a messy divorce in 2010, and after three years, took her children to a different part of the country with her now-husband Jeff and their shared 18-month-old daughter, Journey. However, her children Dylan, 15, and Asher, 13, couldn’t bear the absence of their father, and returned to Kansas to live with her ex-husband.

“Deciding for Dylan and Asher to live with their father was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made. It was like giving my children up for adoption,” Daily Mail quoted Liz as saying while she recalled the tough times.

Liz continued thinking about her kids and five months later, bought her first life-like baby doll to make her feel better. Since then, her collection has grown over the years and she is now a self-proclaimed ‘reborn mother’.

Liz’s baby dolls, according to her, range from the newly born to 12-months-old. Interestingly, Liz has also named her all nine reborn dolls: Juniper Anne, Willa Jane, Nixon Grey, Benedict Arthur, Jax Ethan, Crevan Ridge, Paisley Rye, Isla Bluand Oaklyn Elise.

Although many people view baby dolls as scary or creepy, a fear partly fuelled by horror movies, Liz has found her comfort in the life-like ‘reborn’ models.

Liz couldn’t put a price tag on her ‘reborn’ baby dolls, the market rate for these life-like toys ranges from $350 to $1500.

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